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    Find Investors for Your Business

    Business Funding Diagram

    Angel Investors and Venture Capital

    Over 300,000 startups have used Invstor.com to connect with millions of dollars in funding. Join today and connect with over 20,000+ investors.

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    Qualified Investors

    We work with thousands of well-qualified angel investors, venture capital firms, and private investors who are specifically looking for new startup and small business opportunities.

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    Expert Guidance

    All we do is help entrepreneurs find funding.  We’ll walk you through the entire funding process, help you create the right pitch, and find the best investors for your deal.

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    A Professional Team

    You're not alone. We have a seasoned team of Business Analysts who are prepared to answer your questions and support you during your capital raise.

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    "We received $1MM in funding and the investors have gone on to fund several other real estate projects as well." Larry Williams, Gemini Homes
    "I got the investor matching and business planning services …. We were amazed at the response and have been extremely impressed with your company and staff" Charles Whitman, Family Fun Center
    "I raised $100,000 for my music production company. I would highly recommend Startups.co to other entrepreneurs." Curtis Green, Music Production Company
    "Startups.co has helped me obtain $15,000 in funding" Lonnie Heward, Real Estate Appraisals
    "The Startups.co team coached me through the entire process. The business credit building system is a systematic process that works. This capital will help me greatly.." Aaron Ward, Real Estate